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Wicked Good Tours is a professional tour guide operator in New England! We have two branches, one in Salem, Massachusetts and the other one in Boston, Massachusetts. We like the idea of offering our customers VIP access to some of the most impressive historical locations in the region. We believe that it’s important to study every location’s history and just immerse yourself in that local history in a clever and unique manner. We are very passionate about history and through these unique historical walking tours we have the option to help other people enjoy history and just explore all the amazing landmarks in these amazing cities.

We are calling our tours “Entourtainment tours” because they offer a great combination of entertainment and visits to extremely important historical locations. It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich local history, and the best part is that you can still have fun along the way.

Our mission is to show every guest how these cities shaped throughout the years, the struggles that they experienced, and how they managed to evolve despite all the challenges they had to deal with. Our tours are unique because we hire only the best tour guides. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our tours and only hire the best in the business. In fact, all our tour guides are experts in local history and they also have great character. That means you will have a very informative, lively experience with each one of our guides.

On top of that, we have an extraordinary service crew that will be there for you. We can do anything from itinerary planning, tour and dinner/lunch reservations and so on. We are available from early morning to midnight via our phone number, so you can easily contact us at any time.

If you want to visit Salem or Boston and see some of the best historical locations in an immersive, interactive and fun manner, just try out our great historical tours. Wicked Good Tours is here to bring you a great experience and an amazing time, just check us out and we guarantee that you will enjoy each one of our tours!

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