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Boston's Candlelit

Ghostly Walking Tour

The spirit of the American Revolution is very much alive in Boston. Our Boston Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour will take you through some of the most notorious and electrifying paranormal hotspots in the city on a one hour walking tour. Feel your hair rise as the energy of America’s ancestral freedom fighters rushes through you.

The accounts on our tour are heavily researched, authentic, and relevant to ensure you have the best, most chilling experience possible.

Tickets for this tour are $18/person.

How To Book

  We have made booking your tour incredibly simple. Click the button below to book online or pick
up the phone and call (617) 404-2192. Our friendly representatives love talking to everyone
interested in the powerful history of America’s past.  

The Rundown

Ghost Tour

Thursday-Sunday: 8PM

Ghost Tour

Outside of the Boston Common Visitor's Center